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Running low on reading material? Lucky for you, March is about to unleash a ton of new sci-fi and fantasy books onto shelves. Read on for what’s to come in dystopian tales, deep-space murders, palace intrigue, multiple portals, love in the afterlife, and so much (seriously, so much) more.
After the Civil War, a married couple who helped dozens of slaves to safety on the Underground Railroad apply their skills to another realm: solving crimes and investigating mysteries that the white police force won’t pay attention to, including cases involving magic. (March 2)
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The Black Tide Rising series continues the adventures of six teens who just so happened to be on a sailing trip when the zombie plague began to spread—and now travel the world hunting for other survivors. They’ll need to undertake a dangerous quest to reboot the planet’s GPS systems if they want to continue their quest. (March 2)
At the core of every book, video game, television series, or movie involving a zombie apocalypse is
This debut fantasy collection shares “stories of fierce women at the margins of society burning their way toward the center,” including the title story’s fairytale spin on the American immigrant story. (March 2)
The adventures of the Shadowhunters—circa Edwardian London—continue, as Cordelia must face the fact that her arranged marriage is a sham, her magical blade burns her whenever she tries to use it, and a serial killer is targeting her friends. (March 2)
This “Machiavellian fantasy” introduces a palace scholar who’s appointed councilor after the death of the queen, who happened to be her best friend. She’ll use her newfound power to secretly investigate who (and/or what magic) caused the ruler’s untimely demise. (March 2)
After she’s injured and stranded by a terrorist attack, a woman takes a security job on a space station just to pay the bills. When she’s tasked with investigating a murder, she realizes her tragic past and the man’s death are connected by a conspiracy that goes higher than she’d ever realized. (March 2)
This space opera continues the deep-space alien conflict story that began in the author’s Hugo Award-winning debut, A Memory Called Empire. Check out an excerpt below. (March 2)
Arkady Martine made a huge splash with her debut, A Memory Called Empire, racking up Hugo and…
In this near-future thriller, a woman who escapes her troubled past finds new dangers lurking when she starts exploring the world of virtual reality for the first time. (March 2)
This dystopian tale—set in a world where performance is valued over everything else—follows a famous athlete who suddenly rebels against her strict contract, putting the psychologist assigned as her handler in a tough spot: she must bring the superstar back in line, or be cruelly banished. (March 2)
In this sequel to Infinity Son, set in a magical version of New York City, Emil races to find an antidote to the poison that’s slowly killing Brighton, but he’ll need to confront his own troubled, supernatural past if he wants to save his brother. (March 2)
The latest from the Nobel laureate (author of Never Let Me Go and The Remains of the Day) follows “an Artificial Friend with outstanding observational qualities” as she waits to be chosen by a customer and ponders the true nature of love. (March 2)
The prolific author’s latest is about a kid with psychic powers who’s drawn into an NYPD detective’s hunt for an evil, similarly supernaturally gifted killer. (March 2)
In 2095, people are dependent on enhancement pills that allow them to keep up with artificial intelligence—a situation complicated when a violent new terrorist group whose members are part human, part machine begin ruthlessly targeting the pharmaceutical industry. (March 2)
The latest from Brooks (World War Z, Devolution) is also his latest Minecraft novel, the follow-up to his best-selling Minecraft: The Island. (March 2)
Max Brooks is probably best known as the author of World War Z—the excellent 2006 zombie apocalypse
Desperate to help her family, a teenage girl dresses as a boy and joins the Pony Express—where she and her newfound partner, a boy who’s hiding his own secrets, discover the American frontier is riddled with portals to a chaotic world that’s lurking just below the surface of their own. (March 2)
This release offers collected essays and “occasional writings” from the legendary author and literary critic. (March 2)
This time-travel tale follows a time warrior who ends a war and then must make sure nobody else travels back in time to change the outcome. (March 2)
The first short-story collection from the author brings together 11 new and favorite tales from his worlds of Shannara, Matic Kingdom, and the Word and the Void. (March 2)
In this fantasy adventure, a vintner’s daughter learns the magic she’s been keeping secret may mean she has a claim to the throne—and she soon becomes caught up in a plot against the royal family. (March 2)
When death comes for a man named Wallace, he isn’t quite ready to leave life behind—a situation that grows ever more complicated when he falls in love with the ferryman/tea shop proprietor who’s supposed to help him cross over. (March 2)
The Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron trilogy concludes as the New Republic’s ace pilots face Shadow Wing one last time. Read an excerpt below. (March 2)
Alexander Freed’s Alphabet Squadron trilogy has given us a window into the complex political…
The World Fantasy Award winner’s latest is a gothic fairy tale about a family trying to renegotiate a longstanding magical bargain that ensures their safety at sea if they sacrifice a child each generation. (March 9)
This collection of tales celebrates Marvel’s Black Panther and his home of Wakanda; its acclaimed list of contributors includes Maurice Broaddus, Tananarive Due, Nikki Giovanni, Harlan James, and Cadwell Turnbull. (March 9)
This standalone epic fantasy follows four heroes who are still trying to put their lives together decades after surviving a battle to overthrow a corrupt magician—and who soon realize the battle actually hasn’t ended. (March 9)
The Black Jewels fantasy series continues as the son of the Demon Prince is tasked with discovering the source of an evil that threatens his family and the realm. (March 9)
After escaping imprisonment, a woman sets out on a quest for revenge—and finds an unlikely partner in a man who’s desperate to find a cure for his ailing sister. (March 9)
A woman lives in isolation with her daughter who was born with two hearts—considered the ultimate bad-luck omen. But when the girl becomes a young woman, she decides she wants to embrace her power rather than conceal it. (March 9)
A woman whose magic allows her to alter peoples’ memories with song is secretly employed by an opera house to boost ticket sales—but her sheltered existence is upended when she develops feelings for one of the singers. (March 9)
The apocalypse is looming, so an ex-con biker and a Texas cowboy join forces to fight against Lucifer’s army, which is filled with “demons who inhabit characters from fiction, history, myths, legends, and folklore,” including but not limited to Jack the Ripper. (March 9)
Described as “A Canticle for Leibowitz meets The Hunt for Red October,” this coming-of-age story follows a submarine crew member who’s part of a secret doomsday mission—until a stranger arrives who shakes her faith everything she knows. (March 9)
In a misogynistic world where women are born with skin markings that foretell the future, a young woman must survive her transition to adulthood without being abducted by any of the men in her midst, while also grappling with a dark secret about her beloved brother. (March 16)
This new novella, set in the author’s world of the Malazan Book of the Fallen, sees trouble brewing between the neighboring kingdoms of Farrof and Nightmaria. (March 16)
This sequel to A River of Royal Blood sees magical royal sisters and rivals Eva and Isa forced to make peace if they want to save their queendom. (March 16)
In a world where humanity is recovering from an alien war, people gather at a watering hole to swap stories—until a stranger arrives in need of help and makes everyone question the war’s true outcome. (March 16)
The Alpha and Omega series continues as werewolf couple Charles and Anna set out to investigate why the population of an entire small town has suddenly vanished. It seems to have something to do with their fellow werewolves—or something even scarier that’s targeting werewolves. (March 16)
Apprentice wizard/police constable Peter Grant’s cousin, Abigail, is the focus of this Rivers of London novella; in the summer of 2013, she’s using magic and the help of talking foxes to unravel the mystery of why local teens are vanishing and then reappearing—with no memory of what happened to them. (March 18)
The Robin Hood story gets a murder-mystery twist in this novel that imagines Robin, guilty over something mysterious in his past, has left Sherwood Forest in favor of living in a monastery. When a killer starts targeting his former Merry Men, a panicked Marian must take charge. (March 23)
The Rampart Trilogy concludes as the exiled Koli finds the mysterious “Sword of Albion” and hopes that he’s found a way for humanity to turn the tide against the ever-aggressive forces of nature. (March 23)
M.R. Carey, who wrote remarkable zombie tale The Girl With All the Gifts, is one of our favorite…
In the sequel to the fantasy tale Fireborne, a revolution stirs as the dragonlords threaten the dragonriders, and Annie, Lee, and new character Griff join forces to try and figure out the best path forward to save their people and their land. (March 23)
The Outlaw Road duology concludes as as Veran and Lark the Sunshield Bandit embark on a perilous escape across the desert to meet Tamsin and Iano, who’re recovering after a coup attempt against the monarchy. If they join forces once they’re together, can they bring hope to their country at last? (March 23)
This feminist dystopian tale follows a group of girls who’ve built their own community in an old garbage dump; when their leader is lured away and men enter the picture for the first time, they must figure out who to trust. (March 23)
This fantasy riff on Peter Pan imagines that Wendy is a real-world teen who must dig into a troubling past she can’t quite remember—involving a strange boy named Peter—if she wants to help rescue all the kids who’ve gone missing in the woods outside town. Read an excerpt below. (March 23)
Last year, author Aiden Thomas made history with Cemetery Boys, the first fiction book by a trans…
The second book in the Legacy of the Mercenary King fantasy series follows a royal brother and sister as they fight over the throne, while mercenary Michael Kingman—unjustly labeled as a traitor—tries to unravel all the conspiracies that are bringing chaos to the kingdom. (March 23)
The sequel to Beneath the Rising picks up a year and a half after an attempted invasion from another dimension—and despite efforts to keep a handle on threats to humanity, it seems “They” aren’t done yet, as sinister portals have begun to open again. (March 30)
Students at a high school built on a former military base where unusual experiments once took place discover a doorway to another world—but once they start investigating, things in the real world take a strange turn too. (March 30)
The Wizard King trilogy continues with the king back on his throne and Cadrissa, separated from her fellow mercenaries for the time being, must figure out how to escape her captors. (March 30)
February may be the shortest month, but the book gods are not holding back whatsoever with this…
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I have the Ishiguro on pre-order, but honestly I’m so far behind on my current reading that I’ll have to hold off on everything else. (The Martine looks interesting, but I still have the first one in one of my tsundukos from the last couple of years.)
Anyway, here’s a modest proposal that I hope will resonate with the staff and the other people who read books frequently (I know there’s a fair number of them). Back when the Observation Deck was a thing, we had a weekly “Book Club” story, where we’d talk about what we were reading, maybe include a brief plot synopsis, our very fine opinions, etc. Would it be possible to do that on io9? Maybe just set aside an open thread every Wednesday or so where we can discuss the stuff we’ve been reading (even if it’s not all SF/fantasy/horror/”fantastika” stuff)? I think that’d be fun, and it’d also give the editors a sense of the writers and subgenres that io9 readers are into, maybe provide gist for future articles and interviews. I love all the open discussions about WandaVision and the perfidies of the Snyder Bros, but I sometimes miss the stories about books and authors, especially since all of that stuff tends to get ripped off as movies and TV shows anyway.


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