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The studio, known for its work on franchises like Wolfenstein and Gears of War, has announced its own original game.
By on October 13, 2021 at 10:39PM PDT
British game developer Splash Damage is perhaps best known for what it’s done for other companies’ franchises, such as working on the multiplayer for Gears of War 4 and 5, and creating Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory early in its history. Now, the company has announced that it’s working on a new original sci-fi game to join its roster of original IPs including Brink, Tempo, and last year’s Stadia exclusive Outcasters.
The studio admits it doesn’t have too much to announce about the project yet–it doesn’t even have a title–but it’s also said that the main reason for the early announcement is to attract new employees to work on the project. All that’s been releasd for the game so far is a moody concept artwork showing an astronaut-type character lit in red against a dark planetscape.
We’re creating a brand new game in an original sci-fi universe.

Now hiring across a range of disciplines:

🪐Animation Programmer
🪐Art Director
🪐Design Director
🪐Development Director
🪐Lead Graphics Programmer
🪐And more!

Help us build the future: https://t.co/lI25OvZhT5 pic.twitter.com/9Fm04xgeSd
Splash Damage has tended to specialise in multiplayer first-person shooters, though there’s no guarantee that the new game will follow that trend. A job listing for an “online services programmer” suggests the game will have an online aspect, while a line in the listing for a lead level designer asks for “experience running the live phase of a game as a service.”
The online services role asks for experience with PSN, XBox Live, and Steam, while other roles recommend experience with Unreal Engine 4, and development for Switch and mobile platforms.
While it’s not guaranteed that all of the details listed are relevant to the newly announced game, it seems likely that Splash Damage’s new sci-fi-themed game will be live service.
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