No Absolution

No Absolution

A road-trip thriller about greed, murder and divine retribution.

A fugitive on the run. A drifter going nowhere. A detective on the hunt.

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About the Book

Unable to lead a normal life, prison escapee, Phil concocts a plan to steal someone’s identity. Placing an ad in the paper, Phil hires a drifter called Trevor. On their way to a phoney destination, Phil wrestles with greed, empathy and his inner instincts to bring himself to kill another human being. The more he gets to know Trevor, who’s recounting his whole tragic life story, the more Phil loses his nerve.

To make matters worse, Phil discovers that an old nemesis, Detective Edmondson, is hot on his heels. Determined to carry out his plan, Phil must overcome panic attacks, an interfering hitchhiker, a church full of redeemers, a friend’s homicidal wife, and a detective who is running a malign scheme of his own.

If only murder was as easy as it’s made out to be.

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Nitronaut Books
Publication Year: 2019
ISBN: 9781656397973
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About the Author
Bill Kandiliotis

Wrote his first 'hardcore' science fiction book in second grade during book week. It was a five-page interplanetary epic, with a montage front cover and full page drawings. He came second in the competition which annoyed the hell out of him. Since then, has read and watched everything and anything that can be even remotely classified as science fiction.

He has produced a few guerilla films back when that was a thing and has recently been credited with the discovery of two exoplanets. These days his reading time is sacrificed in the pursuit of writing down his own stories from ideas he has accumulated over the years.

Author of 'A Hostile Takeover' & 'The Blood Ring'
Discoverer of Exoplanets [KIC 10905746 b] & [KIC 6185331 b]
Producer of 'The Bad Samaritan (2001)'

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