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There are many science fiction manhwa, like Nano Machine, that are a must-read for fans of this genre.
Science Fiction, or Sci-Fi, is one of the top genres, whether it’s in television, movies, or novels. Even though it does have some farfetched ideas and theories, it’s actually an important genre because it focuses on the “what ifs” of today that could change the future. It is also interesting to see how, if our theories are correct, what people believe alternate realities are, or what technology could be like in the future.
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In manhwa, which are the equivalent of Korean comics, science fiction stories are quite popular. Many of them contain elements of action, adventure, and horror. There are many science fiction manhwa, like Nano Machine, that are a must-read for fans of this genre.
Nano Machine, by Hanjungwolya and Geumgangbulgoe, is an action and adventure manhwa with martial arts elements. Cheon Yeo-Woon is an orphan from the Demonic Cult. He was being held captive and had his life put in danger.
However, one of his descendants from the future arrives and implants a nanomachine inside of his body (which is a popular concept in sci-fi). After it activates, he leaves the Demonic Cult and sets out on a journey to change his life by becoming the best martial artist and learning how to properly utilize the nanomachine inside of his body.
Parallel City, by Goda, is a unique and interesting action and horror manhwa. In a regular city where people are going about their daily lives, until something happens to upset the balance. Fear washes through the inhabitants as people begin to see their doubles.
That’s when people begin to disappear, and the fear within the city grows. No one knows why they’re seeing their doubles or if they’re bad omens. All anyone knows is that if you happen to see your double, you’d better be prepared to fight to survive.
The Gamer, by Sang-Ah and San-Young Sung, follows the story of Jee-Han. As an avid gamer, he loves everything to do with gaming and devotes all of his time doing what he loves. So, when he’s given the ability to superimpose game-like elements into real life, it’s shocking but also one of the most amazing things to happen to him.
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He soon learns that he’s not the only one with this ability. He, along with the others, must battle monsters, earn experience, and level up their stats to survive.
Moon You is a dramatic comedy manhwa by the author and artist Seok Cho. This manhwa follows the story of an astronaut called Moon Yoo. After an asteroid collides with Earth and Earth is subsequently destroyed, Moon Yoo is left stranded in a research facility on the moon.
He also thinks that he is the last human survivor and it’s something that he struggles with as he’s stuck in space. However, this is far from the truth. Moon Yoo isn’t the last survivor. In fact, the people of Earth are watching his every move to see what he does.
Nano List is an action manhwa from the author and artist Songah Min. This manhwa follows the journey of Milo Ahn, who lives in a world where androids are common and completely normal. His sister was a genius who was capable of building androids and so, she left him two to live with after her death.
But there’s a reason why she gave them to him. Both androids have deadly strength and are considered bodyguard androids. Just when he thinks his life is simple and uncomplicated, he comes to realize why his sister left the androids for him in the first place.
Return To Player by Index and Sehon is a second-chance action manhwa. In this world, Gods exist and have a dark sense of humor. Ten years ago, a group of Gods decided to play a game—they turned every human into a player in a sadistic game where they must kill monsters and face death.
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One player, Sehan Kim, knows exactly what’s going to happen and knows that he is the only one that is going to survive. When he’s given a chance to go back in time and play through the game again, he does so in the hopes of defeating the Gods at their own game.
Housekeeper, by Yu Hyeon and Yong-Taek Chae, is an action manhwa set in a world filled with androids and zombies. Androids are quite common for humans to have in their homes and are used for a variety of tasks.
When a virus breaks out affecting a large portion of the population, humans become creatures that the androids don’t recognize and thus, stop serving. Just before Neville becomes a creature, his words seem to hit his android, Hasty, quite hard. Instead of leaving him, she does everything in her power to protect him and turn him back.
A Man’s Man is a drama-filled manhwa from the creators Haneulso, Dogado, and Tae-gung Kim. After years of hard work, Yuhyeon becomes the youngest CEO of Hansung, a successful electronics company. But due to its toxic work environment, he has no one left to celebrate his success with.
So when, after a night out drinking, he wakes up twenty years in the past, he finds himself at the very beginning of his career. With the knowledge of the future, he does everything in his power to change his future and fix his broken relationships.
TACIT is an action manhwa from the author and artist Dazzi Kim. In this manhwa, the world is a desolate place that is filled with the undead—specifically zombies. Strange crystals are the reason for the zombie outbreak as they emit a deadly virus.
As the humans that remain fight to survive, Ruby, who lives in the safe zone, meets other survivors that have banded together for protection and safety. Among them is a white-haired boy with pale skin and no heartbeat. He changes her life forever.
The Blood of the Butterfly, by Remin, is a gripping horror and action manhwa set in a post-apocalyptic world (which is also a popular concept in manga). In this world, a swarm of giant bugs threatens humanity, and the only people who can stop them are humans with special abilities, known as Butterflies.
Maehwa Baek thinks of Butterflies as nothing more than the superheroes that he sees on TV that save them. That is until he meets the doctor who created them. Questions about his past come to light as he begins to wonder what happened to him and why he can’t remember his past, and why he loses consciousness after seeing his own blood.
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