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Published 13:1215 October 2021 BST
| Last updated 13:1215 October 2021 BST

The trailer for a new film starring Orlando Bloom, Leslie Odom Jr.,Cynthia Erivo and many others is making the rounds on Twitter, not because of its all star cast but because of its rather confusing title.
Watch the trailer below: 
Let us explain – the film is a science fiction love story about Nick (Odom Jr.), a man who loves his wife Janine (Erivo) but things go awry when Janine’s time travelling ex-husband Tommy (Bloom) comes back into her life and derails the couple’s marriage.
Tommy intends to alter the timeline so he doesn’t have to say Janine was “The One That Got Away”.
The jarring title the film has been given is Needle in a Timestack and people on social media are confused.
The title is a play on the idiom ‘needle in a haystack’ which refers to trying to find something that is very hard or impossible to locate. 
In the trailer Nick reveals he is finding it increasingly difficult to find his wife after she is whisked away to another timeline by Tommy and he is starting to forget and “lose” her.
Written and directed by 12 Years a Slave screenwriter John Ridley, like many romantic drama films, Needle in a Timestack is based on a short story with the same title by science fiction author Robert Silverberg.
However the title has still left fans bemused, leading to lots of funny reactions and theories on Twitter.
“The trailer is gorgeous, but the title is giving me 30 rock,” one Twitter user wrote referring to Tina Fey’s hit comedy series.
A second person quipped: “I have no idea what ‘needle in a timestack’ means, nor do I care.”
While a third viewer praised the plot but had no idea what the title of the film was supposed to mean. “Needle In a Timestack actually has a really interesting premise with potential to be really good plus an impressive team behind it,” they wrote.
“How the F*CK did they end up naming it f*cking Needle in a f*cking Timestack what the f*ck is a Timestack.”
Another Twitter user said: “The whiplash I got from ‘the writer of 12 Years a Slave’ to ‘Needle in a Timestack’”.
Other Twitter users couldn’t help but joke about the confusing title, with one person writing: “Needle in a Timestack was originally titled Birds of a Feather Flock Timegether.”
Meanwhile another person tweeted: “Not gonna lie, if the new James Bond had been called NEEDLE IN A TIMESTACK I would’ve been camped outside the AMC 16 for months.”
Needle in a Timestack is in US cinemas from 15th October. A UK release date has yet to be announced.
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